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The Walk-On Scholarship Fund

Walk-on student athletes have the same exact time, team, and training commitments as their scholarship teammates, while also taking on the financial responsibility of college tuition. Due to the strict time commitments of being a college athlete, it is also extremely difficult to get a job to help pay for basic living expenses.  Walking-on is often not only a commitment for the athlete, but their family as well, with athletes almost always relying on family for financial assistance.  Our goal is to be able to help walk-ons and their families fulfill the athlete’s aspiration of playing the sport they love.

The WOM team knows firsthand just how much some athletes must sacrifice to chase their dreams, and because of that, we want to be a part of helping them beat the odds. To accomplish this, we are committing 50% of proceeds from the sale of all apparel, as well as 50% of any partnerships with the WOM team towards a scholarship fund for walk-on student athletes. The WOM scholarship fund will help ease the financial burden of the educational expenses of deserving walk-ons around the country.